Your Updates: Sol


I’m a little late in putting this on but … I originally fostered Sol from the centre, but after caring for her for 6 months until she was happy and healthy enough to be re-homed, I simply couldn’t let anyone else have her!

She didn’t have a good start in life, she was brought to the centre by inspectors, she had been living in cramped and dirty conditions with lots of other dogs. She was around 9 months old and had already had a litter of pups! She was very underweight and bald in places and was extremely shy and nervous. She had never eaten from a bowl or been on a lead she had a lot to learn. She soon come round though with the help of my mums 2 lovely dogs who helped look after her and showed her how to play.

I’ve had Sol now for around 3 years. She’s a great dog she still enjoys visiting my mum and going for walks with her 2 dogs. She is a lovely, gentle ‘big sister’ to my other pets; Draco the lizard and the 3 degus, and is a very loyal and loving companion I couldn’t be without her!

Jenny, January 2013

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