Your Updates: Poppy

From her new mum, Liz:

Poppy is my first cat and I think I found my feline best friend!

I decided to get a cat in the summer for a bit of company and she has lived up to her expectations. I visited a number of rehoming centres but no cat really jumped out at me.. and then I met Poppy. Cute little thing and a tortie so I knew she would have a bit of “tortitude” she has bags of that!

I always refer to her as naughty but she’s not destructive, she just knows how to wake me up in the morning when she’s hungry.. She’s got a very feisty personality which comes with a tortie. I cannot imagine my life without her in it any more. Such a cute and lovable little thing.. she chats more than I do.. although I think she’s telling me off most of the time!

From a life where she was abandoned by her owners to my home and her forever home!

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