Your Updates: Marley

marley ice cream

Marley has been with us for almost a year now, and we couldn’t imagine life with out him. He settled in immediately, and was very obedient, it didn’t take long for his personality to show. He has made many doggy and people friends since being with us. Everybody loves him, he now has many aunty and uncles who spoil him rotten.

He loves nothing better than big long walks, and loves to get very muddy.

His other favourite thing are toys, he has a huge big basket full of them. He is very tidy and even puts them back once he has played with them!

We are looking forward to our first holiday all together next week in the lake district. Marley has his own suitcase.

We love our Marley, he has given us so much joy.  So, please consider adopting a dog.

Kelly, December 2012

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