Your Updates: Lola (was Valentina)

When she came to us, Valentina was so scared of everything, including her own shadow! We loved her but were concerned her nervousness might mean she wouldn’t be rehomed for a while.

Happily, when we were visiting an office fundraiser a lady from the office became interested in her and she has passed on an update of her in her new and happy home!

Their pupdate is below:

“Little Lola is doing really really well.. still a timid little girl at times but very brave also..  and very intelligent! This past year she has passed both her bronze and her silver Kennel Club training! ..In fact in class she was often the best…with the trainer frequently asking her to show the rest of the class how to do things! I love her to bits as do all my family .. and fortunately my early allergy to her has gone, so all good.. she definitely rules the roost!”

In a room with cushions, sofa and plants, a small dog is sitting on a square dog cushion placed on a hardwood floor
Lola looking chilled in her new bed
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