Your Updates: Kipper


We have had Kipper now for almost two weeks and he has settled in really well.

He really is a lovely dog who loves being fussed over. He likes nothing better than going out and playing with his ball which I do with him every afternoon.  He was absolutley fine when he first met  my cat, he’s great with children and fine with other dogs too.

The picture I’ve attached is from last Saturday, up a hill called Shuttlingsloe. This morning we have taken him to Delamere Forest with the neighbours dog and he loved it!!  Unfortunately, he had to have a bath when he got back which he didn’t like so much!!

We are all really pleased we chose Kipper. He is a fantastic family pet and so obedient and well trained. We feel like we’ve had him forever – he is a real part of this family, so thank you!!!

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