Your updates: Jessie and Skye kitties

Jessie and Skye have been cuddled up in their forever home for four months now. Their new family sent us this update on how much their confidence has grown!!

They’re both doing well! Skye is very mischievous and likes to climb everywhere and anywhere she can, she’s very vocal when she wants attention. When she’s not napping she’s constantly exploring or rubbing against us never sitting still. Jessie has made it her mission to seek out the comfiest spots in the house, often jumping in Kieran’s spot on the sofa as soon as he moves!

They love to do almost everything together and cuddle up every day to clean or sleep.

It’s been great seeing their personalities come out more and more and for them to be more comfortable around us, the house and new sounds.

Skye likes to be stroked while walking along the banister and Jessie climbs on Kieran for cuddles. Jessie gets very jealous if anyone else is getting a cuddle and will come over while quietly meowing for some attention.

– Jessica T (pictures also)

Thank you for the update!

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