Your Updates: Grace

Grace left for her forever home in March 2021 and just look at her thriving, five months on!

After being abandoned and left behind, Grace spent a couple of months with us for some TLC and to find her new family. Now, we’ve had this great update on how much she has grown in confidence, alongside some beautiful pictures!

“We kept her indoors for the first 5 weeks and now she is a fully fledged outside cat. She’s loving climbing fences and sunbathing, and has made friends with the neighbors cat. 
She’s still her friendly chatty self and has enjoyed lots of human visitors since lockdown lifted”

Her forever home were really lovely about how they found their experience too, and encourage everyone to give adoption a go:

“We found that the RSPCA let us know what to expect from her and how she would behave – which was extremely useful. We found the process really easy and supportive [and] a really useful resource for information before and after adoption”

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