Your Updates: Dixie

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When we first met Dixie she was so shy that she spent all of her time hidden under her blanket. Since coming home a month ago she has really come out of herself. Her favourite place during the day is on the sitting room window ledge. However at night she likes it on top of our fish tank. When the tank light is on she is facinated by the fish and will often sit and stare at them before leaping up onto the top and climbing into a cloth bread basket and falling asleep! She now has 3 beds; a proper cat bed, a cardboard box under the coffee table and the bread basket! She is also in training for the cat olympics. When it is quite (late evening or early morning) and there is only one person around she will race round the downstairs and has been known to go skidding round the corner into the kitchen.

Our only regret is that we didn’t get her sooner!

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