Your Updates: Breeze

 ‘Summer’ Breeze

Breeze at Home

I adopted ‘Breeze’ in August 2011. I am fortunate enough to work at the centre, and I remember walking into reception, just about to go on my dinner, and there she was – sat down good as gold – a little reserved however, probably wondering what was going on. Safe to say, I fell in love with her IMMEDIATELY!! Two weeks later, the paperwork was filled in and she was on her way home. She settled in almost immediately, flat out at mine and my partners feet, by the couch.


Before Breeze arrived at the centre, she was a working collie – Lived on a farm, 4 or 5 hours of her day spent herding sheep. So I realised straight away, not only would she need ALOT of exercise to compensate for this, but she’ll also need a ‘job’ to stop boredom kicking in. I spoke to a dog trainer, he shown me how to ‘work’ her through play. Not only is this fun for her (and she loves it I might add), but it’s a brilliant way to keep her mentally stimulated. Each week, he shows me something new to work on, and the rest is up to me! It wasn’t long after, that I looked into agility for her. Being a ‘working’ breed, I thought it would be extremely beneficial to give her something fun to do, that involves a lot of thinking. But most importantly, increase that ‘bond’ between owner and dog, which I believe is extremely important – agility ticked all those boxes! Well, thank god she enjoys it, because I absolutely love it!!! We’ve entered a few competitions together, and have won several rosettes and trophies. Sorry, SHE has won rosettes and trophies! My little superstar! We have recently started doing ‘obedience to music’. She can weave through my legs as I walk or stand still, and she is beginning to learn to walk backwards – it’s still early days with that though!

Two months ago, Breeze ‘acquired’ a baby brother, called ‘Fynn’. A (now) 4 month old Border Collie pup that we got from Cambridge. Although she won’t always admit it, she loves him to pieces! And I couldn’t ask for a better guardian/teacher to help me train him!

And that’s my story… Two Border Collies, 5 fish and 1 budgie later – I’m settled… For now!

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