‘Twinkletoes’ finds his home

Scar, Twinkletoes and now finally Charlie!

Scar came to our branch with five other dogs from the same house after being removed from a bad situation. We were worried about him because he was the most frightened dog we’d seen for a while. He was so shut down, without any confidence in himself or other people. It took days of just sitting in his kennel, building his trust, to even get him on a lead. The whole world and everything in it was just a big scary place to him.

We worked so hard every day to show Scar things weren’t as scary as he thought and that people would be good to him. After months and months of work, Scar got the nickname ‘Twinkletoes’! This was because when we went to his kennel or he saw someone out on his walks, he would start to tip toe on his feet so quickly because of how excited he got but all so delicately.

He melted our hearts and we knew that when he was ready for rehoming, his new family would fall in love with him just like we did. After over six months of staying with us, it was finally the right time to find him a better home.

We’re so happy to say he’s been with them a few months now, and was fondly renamed Charlie. With a four-legged sister and lots of long walks, his life has turned around and he is so much happier than before.

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