Top 5 Transformations Of 2021

Time to look back and with over 50 animals finding their forever homes this year (nearly 1 a week!) it’s been really hard to pick our best five moments. In no set order…

Storm – 3 years old Cane Corso cross (334 days of care)

Grey cane corso close up to the camera with face and shoulders showing. His tongue is sticking out curled up to his nose.

Storm had been brought to the UK by people who were only interested in making money from pets. From underweight with scabby skin to a beautiful healthy boy, we taught him to have lots of fun! Usually zooming with a ball or thinking the agility poles were big sticks to play fetch! Storm’s forever family are really wonderful and support local dog owners.

Tulip – 13 years old White Domestic Shorthair (149 days of care)

This poor girl arrived with lots of issues – ingrown toenail, matted fur, and bad ear and dental disease. We treated her ears, removed some teeth and made her feel better. Vets were concerned Tulip might not be well enough to be adopted, but thankfully, she recovered. She’s living out her twilight years in comfort!

Poppy – 1 year old Lurcher (153 days of care)

A tan lurcher with white paws lounges on a black sofa with pink cushions in a very contended pose and looks at the camera face on

Poppy wasn’t cared for, which led to her being skinny and uncomfortable from worms. She’d also been bitten by other dogs. Luckily, we have incredible foster families who took her on and really helped her to build confidence! Combined with our medical support she got well enough to find a forever home and is really content now.

Mickey – 6 years old Tabby Domestic Shorthair(131 days of care)

Cute Mickey was super shy at first because he hadn’t really know much human contact. He had dental disease needing an extraction, and we discovered during health checks he had a heart murmur, meaning his new home needed to be secure. Happily, he’s now safe as a loving loyal lap cat in a forever home!

Stitch – 4 years old American Bulldog cross (430 days of care)

Actually, Stitch arrived in 2020 but was with us so long he was rehomed in 2021 over a year later. He’d been abused, and was frightened of everything (especially men). We took a lot of time to gently work with him and teach him all the ‘puppy’ skills, that his owners hadn’t taught! One of the biggest transformations we’ve seen, he’s now a happy, friendly, loving, chilled dog in his forever home! How wonderful!

Thank you to all of our supporters who make this possible.

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