Tilly’s First Birthday!

Tilly was one of nine puppies that were born at our centre!

Titch the mother was pregnant when she arrived here, having been rescued from a really bad situation. She had her pups safely and then we had the fun job of rehoming her and all her little boys and girls!

We’ve had a great pupdate from Tilly’s new owners after she turned one recently and she even had a bone shaped birthday cake! We love seeing her having fun like in the photos below and safe and snuggled up on a sofa. Her new family say:

Just thought we’d share a few pictures with you of Tilly’s first birthday today. We bought her a specially made dog cake which she has shared with Lila and her new friends. She’s grown a lot since the last time you saw her and still has some growing to do! She’s so close to Lila now, they are inseparable and double trouble!

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