Tigger finds forever home after a year long wait

Handsome fellow Tigger had to wait nearly a whole year before he found his loving forever home!

Arriving as a neglect case, Tigger hadn’t known much love or care. He also had a seriously poorly tummy that took a long time to settle, using antibiotics and steroids! Thin and stressed about being in a cattery, we knew this boy had a long road ahead. His teeth were in a bad state, which meant he even needed extractions! Also, his ears were really dry. We worked really hard to get him healthy and feeling good.

Our shelter was much nicer than where Tigger had been before, where he was properly looked after, and loved. For such a long stay, our team of staff and volunteers needed to make sure his year with us was comfortable and fun, which is only possible thanks to you!

We want every pet to find their forever home. Poor Tigger had to wait a really long time while his court case finished, so we made sure to care for him really well.

In wonderful news though, he finally found his forever home just before Christmas!

After waiting nearly a year with our care, it was worth it and he is getting a truly Happy New Year!

Help more cats and dogs like Tigger, who need a second chance.

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