Three-legged Bella Finds Her Forever Home

Bella really had a lot of challenges when she arrived with us. Just a puppy, and with a broken bone, she needed fighting spirit. Happily, she refused to give in, was soon bounding around with all her friends on site, and has now been in her forever home for a few weeks!

A brindle coloured dog lies sleeping on a pink blanket and yellow blanketWhen Bella was brought in to us in early May, she had a bad injury on her front leg. We took her on many trips to the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital (GMAH) to check if the leg was healing appropriately. After a short time, the vets decided her leg would not heal properly due to the bad treatment she had experienced. For her safety and to keep all her other legs stable, she had her front leg amputated.

You may have thought this would stop her, but she would prove you wrong! Bella may only have three legs but she is a typical puppy at ten months old! Running, playing and socialising with dogs are her favourite pastimes and you would never know she had been treated badly.

To help her recover, one of our staff took her into foster care where it was soon clear Bella loves affection, cuddling up, and car rides to the beach!

a side view of a white pram with black handlebars on a pavement, with a dog's head sticking out of the top of the pram looking directly at the camera with ears pricked

brindle staffie and black and white dog are snuggled up together on a white blanket

She hadn’t had much training before she came to our branch, which meant a lot of our time was on toilet training and all the typical things a puppy needs to learn to behave. We made sure that when looking for her adopters, they knew she might need a helping hand! Now, Bella has been in her forever home a little while and all is going well. We are so pleased we could look after Bella and get her the loving family she deserves.

It costs £20 a day to provide care for dogs like Bella who need a second chance. Can you support us?

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