Food and equipment

Gifts of cat or dog food (tinned or dry) help us to keep our centre going, and our animals healthy. Any brand can be donated, but please avoid Rawhide treats or bones.
Bedding and old towels help us to keep our dogs and cats clean and dry. We will take in good quality bedding and towels, but cannot accept anything containing feathers.
Toys and pet supplies are always welcome at the Animal Centre. These help to stop our animals getting bored whilst we are looking after them and their cases are being closed! View our current Amazon Wish List for ideas.

Donation of goods

Unwanted, re-sellable goods can be turned into cash at our fundraising events as tombola and raffle prizes. Please drop anything off at our centre.

Recycling scheme

We also collect used postage stamps and used inkjet cartridges for recycling (only certain brands are accepted – see here for a list). Drop your used stamps or cartridges off at the Animal Centre.

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