Storm Transforms From Terrified

The case of Storm is one of the biggest changes we have seen. His previous owner didn’t let him out of their flat for hours on end. They also hit Storm multiple times in a lift, and in the apartment block. The CCTV in the building was footage that shocked us all.

With such clear evidence against his owners, Storm was signed over to us, and we began our work with him.

It took us a long time to gain his trust back and every day was really small stepping stones to a full recovery. It was clear the physical beatings he had been exposed to had really affected his behaviour. After a lot of time working with him, we taught him to trust humans again, and gave him the training in how to behave in a loving, pet friendly home.

In the end he was a really affectionate boy, who was madly in love with tennis balls and would run back and forth playing forever! We also discovered he has one of the longest tongues about!

Storm took a while to be rehomed as we had to make sure he was really comfortable and with someone who understood his past. We are really pleased to say he found a lovely, caring home and is living the opposite of his sad life before. He even got his five minutes of fame in the Manchester Evening News!

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