Sassy To Sweet

When Lola came to us she hadn’t had the best time through no fault of her own. But it meant she had quite a cattitude with our animal welfare team!

tabby cat sits up in a cat bed with a pale green wall background

With a bit of bad behaviour, we made sure staff and experienced volunteers spent time with her to teach her some manners! At first she had made a few swipes at people. We were determined to make sure she didn’t carry this on, and deal with the anxiety she was feeling that were making her act this way.

Though she started as a sassy girl, we worked hard to make sure she felt safe. After a lot of time and patience, she learnt to trust us and new people. Then we saw her real friendly and affectionate personality come out. She turned into a lovely lady!

She has moved on to another RSPCA branch to find her forever home, which we’re sure will take no time at all!

It costs £20 a day to take care of cats like Lola who need a bit of help. Can you support us?

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