Ruby’s 200 Day Transformation

Ruby came to us in such a sad state, as you can see in the before pictures. She found life in the kennels really difficult and was extremely stressed, so much so that she was struggling to eat. The hair she had remaining was minimal, and her skin was in such an awful condition she required twice weekly medicated baths. The vets that saw her when she first came in predicted that she would never regrow her fur due to the extreme condition it was in.

As you can clearly see, after over 200 days, she eventually came round to enjoying her food, meeting loads of new people, and was just thriving at life. The once sad little puppy became a furball who was adamant that everyone must love her!

This is just one example of hundreds of animals that have successfully been rehabilitated by the staff here. All of these animals mean so much to us, and take every ounce of love we can give them.

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