Rosie’s Grooming Renewal

Rosie is one of our best ever grooming transformations! She came in to our branch for some much needed tender loving care as a very overgrown girl. The photos below show just how much a grooming session has changed her from a pup struggling to see, to an eager girl with puppy dog eyes!

Sadly her owner hadn’t been able to keep up with her grooming which is why she ended up all knotty and full of fur. A few painful medical conditions meant she needed some rest and recuperation with our team.

Even at her most tangled she had a lot of energy and was always super excited to be near people or do anything! She barely kept still ever. This meant grooming her to sort out her matted appearance even trickier for us, when she just wouldn’t stop wriggling!

She has a lovely personality, as a really loving girl who wanted to be as close to everyone as possible. Despite us having to take her for a serious clipping session, she was always very sweet and a typical cuddly lap dog.

Rosie in her new hairdo!

Rosie left us to find her new home from RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield and District, where she can enjoy bouncing about with all her energy!

It costs £20 a day to provide homes for dogs like Rosie who need a second chance. Can you support us?

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