Quiet Gena Now Loves People

When Gena arrived on our site she had never even been walked. Her basic day to day needs weren’t being met, and she had no idea of how to act around people. From a house with lots of other dogs, she’d learnt that people weren’t her friends.

We were sad to see that she was covered in cuts which meant that she had clearly been bitten by other dogs in the house. This was a shame as she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. In fact, she was so quiet and reserved in the kennels because her world had suddenly become so much wider. Unfortunately, the nerves she had from her old home meant she had been chewing her tail. When she came to us, it was obviously infected and to keep her safe, her tail had to come off.

It took a lot of time to get her used to the ‘normal’ ways of life. She’d never even worn a collar so this was our first challenge before we could take her out and about! Happily, when we had got her through these first stages she was soon wagging her stump with excitement. She quickly became one of best behaved residents and would greet new people with excitement, keen to throw all her energy into kisses and cuddles!

After heading to The Dogs Trust in late February, Gena’s found a new home and we’re sure she’s continuing to love life and greet everyone with excitement!

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