Pudding Learns To Trust

Pudding arrived to us with her sister really scared of people, loud noises and everyday actions. This meant she had clearly come from a home without even the most basic level of care and love.

For a long time she didn’t trust us and could only be handled by our most expert staff. Through careful plans for her behaviour, we were so pleased to build up her faith in people. Once she did, it gave her a whole new look on life! She started to be really happy to see people and became really full of character.

A few weeks ago, Pudding moved to another branch to be rehomed with her new, loving family! Good luck Pudding!

*We prioritise our kennel and cattery space for animals recovering from the worst abuse and neglect, which means when we have helped them to recover enough to be ready for a new home, our animals move on to other centres to find their forever home. Please help us to keep our vital treatment going with a donation that goes directly to fund our work*

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