Pippa And Ollie Hit The Headlines

Two of our best turnaround stories were recently shared by the Manchester Evening News to highlight the excellent work taking place at RSPCA branches.

The pictures below are distressing, but they highlight some of the worst cases we see at our branch.

Ollie is a red Cocker Spaniel, who came to us with really bad fleas that he had never been treated for – he was scratching all the time! Added to this, he was too thin and his paws were all matted, with fur growing over the pads of his feet.

Pippa the German Shepherd came from the same household, and was so thin you could see her bones with a body score of 1, which is the lowest possible rating given. From scratching at the fleas she had caused cuts which gave her a lot of pain, and she also had a skin condition that had gone without treatment.

Ollie and Pippa came to us so we could treat them for fleas and feed them up properly. They were amazing in recovery and soon showed what fun personalities they had! To see them trust humans again and have lots of fun playing in our gardens was so rewarding after the neglect they had both received. We’re so glad we could be there for them when their owner had let them down. Now, both Ollie and Pippa have moved to loving homes where they are treated just as they deserve!

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