Over 300 days in care later, Storm and Hera are finally adopted

Storm and Hera arrived in March 2020. These beautiful Cane Corsos were thin, poorly, and without a day of fun in their life. They had been brought to the UK illegally by people that didn’t spare a thought for their needs beyond their use in breeding.

After over 300 days in care, and a lot of love, we’re incredibly pleased to announce they have now been officially adopted, together, into their forever home.

As you can see, Storm and Hera arrived badly underweight and with dry, scabbed skin. Hera was also suffering with a docked tail and cropped ears, frequently carried out as a cruel practice for fashion purposes.

two pictures of a thin grey cane corso with ribs showing under skin. The dog is outside on grass. Text on the image reads 'Storm before' two pictures of a thin dark grey cane corso with ribs showing under skin. Her tail had been docked and there is a close up of her docked ears. The dog is outside on grass. Text on the image reads 'Hera before'

Neither dog bothered with toys at first because they had simply never had the chance to play. When they realised how fun it was though, they were very interested!

Storm was really quick to learn that he was now safe, and when he made it to a healthy weight he loved zooming around with a ball! He absolutely fell in love with our staff member Kev, enjoying many hours snuggled up on the sofa. On walks Storm was always super friendly to say hello to other dogs. Often this meant nearly pulling our arms off in his eagerness to play!

dark grey cane corso licking an empty yoghurt cup out

Hera didn’t open up as quickly as Storm, and her confidence was really low for a long time. But thanks to our supporters giving Hera a safe place to stay, her barriers came down. She’s now enjoying life to the full! She experienced a false pregnancy, where her body showed all the signs of pregnancy without a puppy. We cared for her through this, to reduce any upset. When her lids folded over causing her pain,, we set her on a course of treatment to soothe and correct the problem.

Both dogs were in care for so long that they went through our whole training programme. This started in our on site paddocks to not cause them stress, and built up to all the sights and smells of Warrington town centre on a loose lead. We even tried to teach Storm agility, but he was much more interested in running off with the poles!

Now, they’ve finally made it to their forever adoptive home, and seeing them cuddled up together is wonderful.

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