Mistreated animals

When cats or dogs have been severely neglected or abused, the National RSPCA will remove them from their owners and begin a process of prosecution. They come to stay at our Animal Centre where we treat their injuries and illnesses, and show them that humans can be trusted. Read about our centre and how we work.

For local people

Our Runcorn Animal Clinic is open once a week to anybody in receipt of benefits to access reduced cost veterinary care. It is not postcode restricted. Find out more about this service.

Student placements

To support the next generation of animal care specialists, we have close links with colleges and Universities in the area. These student placements provide opportunities for local learners to gain real experience, learn best practice, and improve their employability post-education. For more information about our student placements please contact us at admin@rspca-whs.org.uk

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