Molly Earns Her Retirement

Dear, elderly, Molly had been stopped by her previous owners from getting medical help when she needed it most. This meant she came to us completely shaven, and had to have major surgery to remove an eye that the vets simply couldn’t save. Seeing her like this was heartbreaking. Our emotions were hit from the second we saw her and the condition she was now in.

After everything she went through, she was, understandably, really scared. At the start of being with us, she just hid under chairs and tables, too afraid to come out and engage.

The poor little girl with her quirky looks had all of our hearts. We made sure to slowly encourage her, and show her that she could trust people to look after her properly. With time, we got to see the real Molly inside! A lovely girl who likes to make it known when she enters a room, she is completely different to the terrified arrival. Seeing her change to a confident pup has been wonderful.

Her particular needs meant we re-homed her directly and are so pleased to say she is retiring happily and gracefully in a loving home at the grand age of 15 years! This just shows it is never too late for a dog to find a new home, and elderly pets should never be ignored.

It costs £20 a day to provide safety for dogs like Molly who need a second chance. Can you support us?

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