Mog Moves On

After being found in really poor conditions together, Mog and his brother were removed from the house they were in. The two boys were brought to us to look after them properly!

Despite having lived together, the two cats didn’t get on well so had to be separated at the branch. This made their behaviour much better!

It became clear that Mog had a really affectionate nature that had been hidden! He was a super lovely and very friendly boy. We’re so pleased to say that after a little while of looking after, Mog was ready to move on to another RSPCA branch, to find his perfect forever match.

*We prioritise our kennel and cattery space for animals recovering from the worst abuse and neglect, which means when we have helped them to recover enough to be ready for a new home, our animals move on to other centres to find their forever home. Please help us to keep our vital treatment going with a donation that goes directly to fund our work*

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