Milly’s journey to home

From a cardboard box in a back garden, to a loving new home with lots of toys and cuddles!

Missy (now renamed as Milly) arrived in July 2021 after a National RSPCA Inspector rescued her from a back garden. She had been living in a cardboard box next to piles of junk, so our shelter was a much better environment for her!

Lucky Milly didn’t have many health concerns, unusual for the dogs that arrive at our centre! We got her up to date on her flea, worming, vaccinations and sorted out her spay operation.

She was a bit shy at first, unsure of what people were going to do. Happily, once Milly realised we were friends and she was safe with us, she became more and more confident!

Baths made Milly nervous the first few times. She clearly hadn’t been cared for much like this because her fur was all matted. After a couple of goes, we’re really pleased to say she got comfortable with that, too!

Milly has been a joy to have at our centre and we knew she needed such an enthusiastic family for this loveable gentle girl.

Her new forever home have been friends to the branch, donating raffle prizes and getting involved, so we knew when they applied Milly will have the best time ever with them! As you can see, she settled in no time at all, immediately ignoring her bed to rest on the sofa instead!

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