Lucky Lady Moves To Leeds

Little Lady hadn’t had a good start when she came into our care. She didn’t trust us or any new people at all! It took some gentle coaxing to get her to come out of her shell. We say that she’s lucky because without her second start, she would never have turned into the affectionate girl she is now!

When she got used to us and everything going on at our animal centre, she fsmall dog sat at a desk whilst a man works on the computer next to the dog, the dog is leaning out of the bed to be near the staff memberound her confidence and a whole new lease of life. She loves being close to people and her favourite pastime was to snooze on top of any desk in the office. Only if someone was working there, though! Always keen to snuggle up, if we were busy working she could perform gymnastics and drape herself like a scarf on our necks!

Lady may be little, but she has a full on personality to make up for this, and she is definitely the boss. We’re pleased to say RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield and District are now rehoming her and we are sure she will rule the roost in her forever home!

small white dog sleeping in a fluffy dog bed with a pink blanket small white dog sitting on top of a desk looking attentively out of a window nearby

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