Lady Learns To Behave

Lady had a strange start in life as she had been very sheltered and hadn’t learnt a lot of the most basic doggy skills. This meant she needed a LOT of help with how she had to act around people and other dogs.

She quickly became really enthusiastic and outgoing, which was great as she was super friendly, but as she’d missed so much training in the early years it took us a little while to teach her to use this energy in the right way! Luckily her eager nature meant she was keen to be involved, so teaching her dog behaviours was always good fun!

As a very friendly girl who loved attention from everyone, she has moved on to RSPCA Altrincham for rehoming, and we’re in no doubt she will really quickly find a family who love her bouncy fun side and can give her the care she deserves.

*We prioritise our kennel and cattery space for animals recovering from the worst abuse and neglect, which means when we have helped them to recover enough to be ready for a new home, our animals move on to other centres to find their forever home. Please help us to keep our vital treatment going with a donation that goes directly to fund our work*

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