Kennel repainting work thanks to NatWest RBS Group

Many thanks to the Property Services team at NatWest! During 2020, they ran a DIY SOS initiative to receive grants for refurbishment projects. Thanks to our supporter Anna (and our ex resident Pixie) for letting us know about this!

We’re delighted to announce that we were chosen by their esteemed panel to receive a grant of £3,160! This meant we could take our scrubbed and well-worn walls in the kennel to fresh, spick and span, ready for years more of intensive cleaning!

As you can see, there was a lot to do. Years of scrubbing kennel walls to keep them hygienic for animals to stay in without passing infection or conditions, had brought them back to the breezeblock walls. Still safe, but we wanted to repaint and protect the walls. This needs specialist, kennel-grade paint, and an expert contractor to handle the paint.

Thanks to the support of the Property Services team at NatWest, the transformation is fantastic to see! This will protect the walls for years and help us to keep our kennels in good repair, housing the hundreds of dogs we can see every year.

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