Home Pet Show

Could your pet be the best in all the land? We’re calling every pet be they scaly, fluffy, leggy or slimy to show off their best side!

From 7th-13th June, enter any of the groups below. We’ll pick our favourite and then the best will go through to the National Finals, to be crowned top in the country as part of the Virtual One Fun Day on 14th June!

Classes of entry:

  • Best Companion – who’s keeping you company during lockdown? Show us their best snuggles or method of distracting you from the news!
  • Perfectly Imperfect – does your pet have that quirky look to make them all the cuter?
  • Best Trick – not just for dogs, any pet can have an impressive trick. Send us a video!
  • Golden Oldie – is an elderly pet your sweetest soul? Share your story!
  • And finally, humans can join in the fun too with an Art Class! Any animal related drawing can be entered, with a separate winner in the under 10s, 10-15, and 16+

How to enter:
Entries are open 8am 7th June 2020 until 10pm 13th June 2020. Please let us know which class you are entering!

You can send them in by:

We’re asking for a donation of £2 per entry, which we’ll ask for proof of should you win the heat so please screenshot this in advance*. You can donate by:

This is part of the Virtual One Fun Day which is a day full of activity on Sunday 14th June. The National Winners will be announced in the afternoon by the National RSPCA.
*There is no charge for entering the animal art, your time is more than enough!

Terms and & Conditions: By entering you are confirming a donation has been made and you have proof should we request this (this does not apply to the Art Class category).

  1. The RSPCA Home Pet Show 2020 competition (the “Competition”) is run by RSPCA Warrington, Halton & St Helens charity number 232259.
  2. Your entry to the Competition can only be accepted by one of the following: email to petshow@rspca-whs.org.uk, Facebook message to the branch, Twitter tag of the branch, or Instagram tag of the branch. Please do not send it by post or email as unfortunately they will not be read or considered unless exceptionally, you have contacted us to make a prior arrangement.
  3. Entrants 15 or younger must have a parent or legal guardian’s permission to enter the Competition. 
  4. Entries must feature your own pets or photographs/videos that you have taken of your own (family or friend’s pets). Classes and judging guidelines can be found set out in more detail at: www.rspca.org.uk/onefunday


Details on all categories can be found here: www.rscpa.org.uk/onefunday

Entry and specifications:

  1. All entries should be submitted by one of the following:
  1. Photos entered into the Competition must be a faithful representation of what the photographer saw at the time of taking the photo. Digital adjustments are only acceptable if they are for minor cleaning work, levels, curves, colour, saturation and contrast work. Entrants will be disqualified from the Competition if the RSPCA or the judges believe that the images have been manipulated or are not the entrant’s original work. 
  2. Please avoid the use of filters and effects.
  3. Images uploaded should be no larger than 10MB. Make sure the image you upload is a JPEG and the highest quality image you have, sized no smaller than 600×600 pixels, but keep the ‘Raw’ file(s).
  4. Entrants should not do anything to upset or stress animals in attempting to photograph them. Photos will be rejected from the Competition if the RSPCA or the judges believe that the photos show an animal in distress, or if they contain any unsuitable content. 
  5. Entries cannot be returned so please retain a copy.
  6. The opening date for entries is Sunday 7th June 2020 at 8am United Kingdom time.
  7. The closing date for online entries is Saturday 13th June 2020 at midnight UK time. Any entries received after this time will be rejected.
  8. All entrants have the right to withdraw their entry prior to the closing date of Friday, by sending an email request to: brand.events@rspca.org.uk 


  1. The judges of the Competition are branch representatives and details are available on request. The RSPCA will create a shortist of entries for each category, which will then be judged anonymously by the panel of judges. 
  2. For live pet shows, a branch representative will choose a winner during the session.
  3. All finalists in the Competition will be notified either by email or private message on the social media channel you entered through (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). The decisions of the judges and the RSPCA are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  4. Unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted in respect of their entry. Although we are grateful to, and would like to encourage the efforts of, all participants, unfortunately we cannot give feedback on unsuccessful entries.


  1. Prizes provided by the competitions supporters will be awarded to the winners of each category, as decided by the judges, as described below. Additional prizes may be awarded to runners-up in each of the categories but this is at the sole discretion of the judges and the RSPCA’s discretion).
  2. If we do not receive a response after notifying an entrant that they have been selected as a winner, or if any selected winner becomes not contactable at any time up to and including the awards ceremony, the RSPCA and/or the judges may select another winner in their place.
  3. Winners will be progressed to the finals which will take place at RSPCA Headquarters. Winners of this round will be invited to take part in a live Zoom final on 14 June at 5pm which will be streamed via our YouTube channel. Contestants who do not wish to take part in the live final will be given the option of their entry being represented by the class judge. 

Personal information:

  1. Each entrant (or entrant’s parent or legal guardian if the entrant is aged 16 or under) agrees that, only for the purposes of promoting the Competition and future RSPCA and branch activity, the RSPCA may (1) use the entrant’s first name, surname, county and age and (2) disclose the entrant’s name and age to third parties. The RSPCA shall seek the entrant’s prior consent (and/or the entrant’s parent or legal guardian’s prior consent if the entrant is aged 16 or under) before disclosing any further personal data to third parties. The RSPCA will not post the names and details of entrants aged under 13 years online without the entrant’s parental or guardian’s consent.
  2. Personal information provided by finalists will be used for the purposes of administering the Competition where necessary (for example the provision of prizes as necessary for this purpose) and contacting the entrant about the next year’s competition and in accordance with the RSPCA’s Privacy notice: rspca.org.uk/privacy The RSPCA will use the contact details of the entrant’s parent or guardian to seek their consent to the entrant’s participation in the Competition and administering their child’s entry. The personal data of winners will be kept to enable the uses of their photos as described below.


  1. All entries submitted must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other person. The RSPCA cannot be liable if another person’s rights are breached, and the parent or guardian of the entrant agrees to indemnify RSPCA Warrington, Halton and St Helens, RSPCA and/or RSPCA Trading Ltd* in respect of any claim from a third party that the entrant’s work infringes their rights. 
  2. Entrants retain the copyright in their submitted photos or videos. However, by entering the Competition under these terms, the entrant gives RSPCA Warrington, Halton and St Helens, the RSPCA and RSPCA Trading Ltd a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, exhibit and post the submitted photos in any and all media, including media platforms yet to be envisaged for the purposes of promoting and publicising this Competition or future RSPCA Young Photographer Awards.

For potential use on products of the RSPCA or third parties licensed by the RSPCA, the entrant’s permission will be sought, including use on RSPCA licensed products, which will be agreed as the subject of a separate agreement.

  1. Wherever possible, the RSPCA will credit the entrant as the photographer.
  2. Entrants agree in para 44 that the RSPCA may use the credited entry on its website for the duration of five years, after which all names and attribution will be removed.

General legal:

  1. The RSPCA cannot be responsible for any entries that are lost, delayed, misdirected, damaged or incomplete, or for failure to receive or properly register any entries due to any technical failure or malfunction or other reason. The RSPCA reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions or cancel this Competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, or if circumstances arise outside of its control. In either case we will give notice to entrants by posting the changes on the Competition website.
  2. Entrants/their parents/guardians will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and to agree to be bound by them when registering.
  3. The law applicable to the Competition is English Law.
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