Harry Finds His New Home

Harry came into our care in need of lots of love and attention, after being deliberately attacked. His whiskers had been clipped on purpose, and he was suffering with a severe case of cat flu, which made him very ill and upset.

ginger cat meowing through glass window

Despite his difficult story, after a few months of careful love and treatment Harry became a picture of health and confidence. As you can see, one of his favourite pastimes is singing and his meow could often be heard ringing across the site! You always knew when Harry was awake! His whiskers grew back and then there was no stopping him.

In January, he headed off to join his new family and – after a very vocal ride home – the first thing he did was explore the whole house! Now settled in, we’ve heard that his favourite hobby is sleeping on the sofa, often on top of their clothes!

ginger cat reaching to camera
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