Garfield Moves On

RSPCA Inspectors picked Garfield up because he was neglected – he has been abandoned by his owners to fend for himself and was living in very poor conditions, unable to keep himself properly well.

He had never been microchipped and his owner did not come forward, so the poor boy had been wandering unwanted before he found our lovely centre staff!

When he was first with us, Garfield had some early problems with his behaviour that he had learnt on the street. He didn’t really trust us, or want to follow instructions without saying his piece beforehand. Luckily, after some careful work by our staff he became a lot calmer and he soon became keen to play with everyone who passed his pen! Now he’s headed to RSPCA Stapeley Grange to find his new home, ideally with somebody called Jon to feed him cat friendly lasagne but this is not essential…

Thanks for reading our slightly jokey take on his story!

*We prioritise our kennel and cattery space for animals recovering from the worst abuse and neglect, which means when we have helped them to recover enough to be ready for a new home, our animals move on to other centres to find their forever home. Please help us to keep our vital treatment going with a donation that goes directly to fund our work*

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