Twelve Hour Gaming Marathon To Take Place

Local gamer Kim (better known as kimZsims on the game streaming website Twitch) has chosen to support us for her Christmas charity livestream!

kimZsims will be taking on an endurance fundraising marathon with a whole 12 hours of gaming, live, from noon to midnight on Thursday 17th December! Watch on her Twitch channel (no account required), or on her JustGiving fundraising page!

She will be re-creating our very own animal centre in The Sims! Adorable cats and dogs will live in her version of RSPCA Warrington, Halton and St Helens – who would you adopt? Join or watch interactive party games from your sofa, and suggest silly karaoke contests!

There’ll be 12 hours of fun for free with an occasional nudge to donate to our work. Click here to follow the kimsZsims Twitch account and be notified when she goes live!

How to join in: follow the kimsZsims Twitch account so you don’t forget on the day, or just use this link to go to the stream:

Games: Sims 4, Jackbox Party Pack games, Twitch Sings (karaoke challenges)

Want to take on a challenge of any kind for us? Email and we can help you set one up!

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