Funding For Fencing

Thanks to the people at PetPlan Charitable Trust and Channel 4 Animal Rescue Live for their funding to replace fencing around our exercise paddocks!

Here at the site our fencing was getting a little past its best, with trees and plants growing through. Years of rain had meant the posts weren’t holding fencing on that well, and we wanted to make certain the replacement fencing would last a long time. These exercise areas are really important to the dogs that we look after. While they get better dogs can be staying with us for months or even years, which means places to walk and play safely are key to keeping them happy and healthy!

To make sure we can carry on using these paddocks for many years to come we secured a grant through the PetPlan Charitable Trust, as part of the Channel 4 Animal Rescue Live Grant Fund! Now, we have extra secure, metal fencing all around. This will make sure our dogs can stay physically and mentally well in our outdoor spaces. Allowing us to use each paddock means that we can use each space in turn, giving grass and plants chance to regrow and in good repair for years to come.

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