From Parvo To Prince

Little Norman needed urgent hospitalisation because he was incredibly ill, but he pulled through and now even volunteers at our events as a mascot!

Sadly, he had been abandoned through no fault of own. This meant that he ended up in bad conditions, and led to him falling ill. We didn’t know when he arrived just how poorly he was, but we could soon tell he had parvovirus, a kind of flu. Norman was so ill we took him to the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, where he needed to be placed on a drip. We were really worried about this little boy as it was touch and go.

Happily though, this warrior fought through! He recovered enough to come back to us at the branch where our specialist welfare team looked after him. We made sure he had regular check ups at the Animal Hospital throughout; to keep him on the correct treatment plan.

Back and branch and feeling better, Norman suddenly turned into one of our cheekiest residents! He was a true escape artist and caused mischief for our staff every day, but we could never say no to his cute face. His foster parents felt the same, and decided to fully adopt him. Now, he’s treated like the pampered prince he knows he is – check out his own sunshade set up! He even helps as a mascot sometimes at our stalls and events, as he is the friendliest boy and gets really excited to meet everyone.

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