Easy boredom busters

We’ve created some really easy puzzle or treat feeders you can make at home from toilet tubes, shredded paper and eggbox cartons! They are also reviewed by our cats and dogs:

Unwanted Pets

We are a case boarding centre only, which means we are only authorised to admit animals from RSPCA inspectors. We cannot take surrendered animals from the public. If you have a pet you can no longer take care of we would recommend contacting local rehoming charities in the area. Please be aware that there may be a waiting list to surrender unwanted pets.

Lost Pets

We only take in animals treated cruelly or abandoned. We will not have your pet on site. The useful websites below can help you to find your missing pet. If your pet is microchipped, please ensure you have updated your contact details against the microchip.

Local contact numbers:

Warrington Dog Warden: 01925 442599  (out of hours 0845 241 7253)
Halton Dog Warden: 0151 907 8300
St Helens Dog Warden: 01744 456000

Useful websites:

These all direct away from our website in a new window.

Animal Search UK
Animal Wardens Lost and Found
Dog Lost
Gumtree Lost Pets
National Missing Pet Register
Pets Located
St Helens Star Lost and Found
Warrington Guardian Lost and Found

Home For Life scheme

Have you ever worried about who will care for your pets if they outlive you? We would advise you to include them in your Will. If you haven’t identified a relative or friend who would be willing to care for your pets, the RSPCA offers a free service to find a loving home for your animals after you die.

See the Home for Life website for more information.

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