Helping Obie To Leave Kennel Life

Obie came into our care through no fault of his own. He was removed from an unhappy home that didn’t treat him well. The team instantly adored him as he is blind but still full of life and love, meaning he quickly became a firm favourite!

It was soon clear to everyone that Obie needs a quiet home to retire gracefully, with plenty of cuddles and nap time.

Finding a lasting home is always harder for an animal with extra needs. Families can be nervous of how it would work, or over enthusiastic and then struggle to support them.

Luckily, a family that have a lot of experience owning dogs saw Obie and became interested in giving him a calm space to live in. After taking some time to be sure it would work, they have decided to foster him long term, so he doesn’t have to return to the clatter of kennel life. A few months on and we can say it is going really well! Obie is much happier and calmer now he’s found a caring family.

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