Finally rehomed after 700 days in care

tortoiseshell cat stretches up from a pink chair surface, with front paws on the platform of a nearby cat tree (on the right of the photo)

Millie arrived in 2019 and has finally been adopted, after 760 days of being in care!

Millie was rescued, thin and very scared, from a home with over 40 other cats in April 2019. The case was so complex that it was in and out of court many times. Sadly, this meant Millie had to wait an age to find her forever home.

Her past experience meant she was one of the most frightened cats staff and volunteers have ever seen. It took 3 months of gentle, slow encouragement for her to first be comfortable being handled.

During this time, the pandemic meant her court dates were put back and back. Meanwhile, dear Millie was in our cattery, with lots of cuddles and a team who felt very sorry for her!

Happily, a foster carer came forward! Millie finally got to experience home comforts, while we provided supplies, equipment and looked after her expert medical treatment.

Her case was over last month and she was adopted on 7 May!

Only with local support from generous individuals like you could Millie have had the care she needed. Her experience means she will always be flighty, but she will never be as frightened as she was at first.

We don’t give up on cats. Help us to keep our doors open to even complicated cases like Millie.

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