Family Fun with the Home Pet Show!

Have you got a pet who was made for the spotlight? Then look no further because the Nationwide RSPCA Home Pet Show is here! We want to see ALL your best pets, be they feathery, scaly, hairy, or slimy! 

From the 17th May – 14th June 2021, enter your pets in any of our categories and be in for a chance of winning! We’ll pick our favourite and then the best will get the chance to enter the National Finals (these are chosen behind the scenes), where they will be crowned the top in the country!

We love to hear all about your animal, your relationship with them, their history and your journey together so do take the time to tell us about yourself and your wonderful animal. Then share your entry on your own social networks to let people know about your amazing pet!

Classes of entry:

  • Best Baby – Got a baby animal that is too adorable to not show off? Send us your pictures!
  • Best Rescue – A heart whelming and happy ending. We want to hear your stories!
  • Best Trick – Is your pet a top trickster? We want to be impressed by every kind of pet!
  • Golden Oldie – A celebration of all elderly pets, share your tails! 
  • Peas In A Pod – Are you and your pet joined at the hip? Send us videos of how inseparable you are! 
  • Best Lockdown Buddy – How have you and your pet kept entertained during lockdown? Show us their best snuggles or method of distracting you from the news!
  • Animal Artwork – Doodles of your doggy or pictures of your python? Unleash your inner artist for our animal-inspired art show. Ages 0-10, 11-16 and 16+.
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