Dixie is adopted after seventy days in care

After troubles with her teeth and eyes, Dixie has been adopted by her forever family and is settling in well.

Dixie’s previous owners weren’t able to look after her properly any more. After being picked up by National RSPCA Inspectors, she arrived with us looking pretty grumpy, dirty and unkempt!

Both her eyes and mouth were clearly causing problems for her. With gunked up eyes and a hurting mouth, we started Dixie off on a course of treatment. Regular eye drops cleared out the mess and made her eyes much better.

Sadly, she needed to have an extraction to treat her mouth properly. The poor girl was a bit fed up about it, but she healed really well with a special diet of soft food, and her mouth is now fully healed!

Despite being nervous at first, and (understandably) grumpy after the surgery, Dixie soon came around to enjoying fusses. She has a powerful hiss on her, though, and we quickly learnt to avoid her tail!

Playing with teasers is one of her favourite pastimes, and she has turned into an affectionate girl who loves rubbing up on the staff and volunteers she has learned to trust!

Now adopted, Dixie has been in her forever home for a couple of weeks and settling really well. We’re so glad she got a second chance to find her place, and we want to do this for every animal in our care, and those that will come to us in the future. Donate to keep our service running.

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