Coronavirus Appeal

Here at the branch, we regularly run bucket collections or fundraisers in partnership with local shops to fund the vital care of our centre. With all our fundraising, our priority is to keep staff, volunteers and the public safe, so on the 16th March we made the decision to cancel all upcoming events.

This is absolutely the right decision to be sure nobody is at risk, but it sadly means we will lose out on the income we were counting on through these fundraisers. Normally, we would make £300 per collection, so we will make a hole in our income stream, especially as there is no guarantee of when events can run again.

We are also expecting a high number of animals in need of our services during this time of uncertainty, whilst the animals with us may face a longer road to their forever homes.

How Can You Help?

To help us fill this hole and continue the first class work of our centre, please donate anything you can towards our online appeal. Why not give the cost of one day’s commute if you are working from home?

For instance, £5 pays for a flea treatment; £10 covers a bottle of soothing shampoo; and £20 goes towards a day’s boarding for a cat or dog.

Every penny goes directly to the work of our centre, and you can read about the successes you make possible in our News & Events.

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