Cat recovers from broken pelvis

Matilda was brought to us because she had been mistreated by her previous owners. They were so unkind to her that she had a broken pelvis on arrival and needed surgery to recover. You can see below her shaven patch starting to grow back, and she had to be on a full eight weeks of strict crate rest!

By early August, vets said she had made a remarkable recovery and could now have the full run of her pen! She absolutely loved this! We got to see her really sassy and sweet side, and she loved playing with the balls on her cat tree. From the photos of her recovery, you would never guess she had been through such a bad time!

We are so glad we could take her in when she had been through the worst time, and now she has been adopted! Everybody at our branch fell in love with her and we were determined to give her a real second chance for a loving home. Take a look at her hydrotherapy sessions below!

Matilda was with us for months while we treated her injuries and helped her find her forever home.

We’ve had a lovely update of her 6 months on! What a change in Matilda from an abusive home to a caring, loving family.

She’s completely terrific. Her injury seems totally healed: she jumps, runs, and plays with tons of energy and no sign of soreness at all. We joke that she plays hard and sleeps hard! She loves bird-watching, chasing her toys, and exploring the back garden safely on a harness and lead. Matilda is the best!

– Her forever home
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