Burglary Attempt At The Branch

Overnight on 10th March 2020, there was a break-in at RSPCA Warrington, Halton & St Helens Branch. Thankfully due to our exceptional security service and super responsive police support, the intruders were spotted immediately and police responded within minutes.

Ginger cat sitting, looking at the camera

It’s unclear what the motivation for the break-in was, but we’re happy to report that all our animals and staff are safe and unharmed, and nothing was stolen from the branch. Of course, the animals at the centre will have found this experience stressful and we’re working extra hard today to give them all love and attention to reassure them they’re safe with us.

We’re saddened and disappointed that people would choose to target a small local charity in this way, but we really want to highlight the amazing response of our security services, local police force and community and say a huge thank you to all our supporters and the volunteers who have turned up en masse this morning to make sure we’re all alright!

We hugely appreciate the support we receive from the local community, our staff and our existing support network of contractors and local services. We have received some queries today from kind new supporters wanting to help us – please get in touch on help@rspca-whs.org.uk if you want to help out as well, or donate through JustGiving.

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