Our brand ambassadors play a key role in engaging with the local community on specific campaigns, events, and getting the word out about what we do! As a separate charity to the National RSPCA, this local support is crucial to the cats and dogs in our care.

Because we have to keep so much hidden whilst court cases take place, we can’t shout about what we do as much as we want!

Can you help us?

Anyone with a level of influence or a platform to talk on can become a Brand Ambassador! We’ll make sure you know all about the branch, what we do, and details of our campaigns.

What do they do?

If you’re a social media ambassador, we ask you to share key campaigns of ours across your platforms. This includes sharing our posts, and writing your own, or using a template for posts. We’d agree with you how many fit your platform best. If you let us know about your posts, we’ll share them with our audience, to build your presence too.

Our event ambassadors either hold events for us (like a comedy performance), or speak about our mission at events that we organise.

Meet our ambassadors

“I’ve been an animal guy all my life.  There was always a story as to how my various cats and dogs over the years came to be; repeatedly turning up on the door step, deciding my house was theirs and of course the asks of ‘do you think you could watch him for a while?’ to which they never actually leave! 

I’m a big supporter of #AdoptDontShop. Being an Ambassador for RSPCA – Warrington, Halton and St Helens is an honour and a privilege. The team work relentlessly to rehabilitate and care for so many animals who have fallen on dire times and I’m happy to play my small part in helping them live the healthy, full and loving lives they deserve.

Derek Clark, Sports Journalist and Commentator
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