Bat Becomes Smudge

Bat arrived at our centre from a house with lots of other cats in and was very poorly when she first came in. She was also super nervous. To help her settle in and get well from her illnesses, we made sure she was in our quietest pen away from the other cats. This was much less stressful for her, and made sure her infection wasn’t passed to the other cats.

When she was feeling better, the story was the complete opposite! She became one of our friendliest cats! She was very playful but also loved attention and having cuddles with our staff and volunteers.

Her new family fell in love with her when they first saw her earlier this year, and she is now happily living with them, with a brand new name of Smudge! We can’t imagine where they got that name from… After some updates from them we’re happy to report she is loving all the snuggles and games.

Bat is an unusual case for us, as we don’t normally get to meet the new families! We prioritise our spaces for animals recovering from the worst abuse and neglect, which means when we have helped them to recover enough to be ready for a new home, our animals move on to other centres to find their forever home. Please help us to keep our vital treatment going with a donation that goes directly to fund our work

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