Injured Wildlife

Most wildlife needs no human intervention so wherever possible, you should not try to capture or restrain wildlife except where you have concerns about its health or welfare.

We do not have any facilities to look after wild animals and cannot take them in, so please do not bring these to our centre. Use the links provided instead for advice and support

Wild animals should not be kept as pets but sometimes you may come across injured animals or abandoned younglings. If this happens, have a look at What to do with orphaned animals or What to do with injured animals.

As soon as you can, take the animal to the nearest vet. All vets will provide free treatment for a sick or injured wild animal or bird (including pigeons).

If you have the time and transport, you could take the animal to Stapeley Grange RSPCA Wildlife Centre in Nantwich, Cheshire, where it will receive specialist care and rehabilitation.

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