Helping Storm From Abused To Loved

Storm arrived with us after being treated really badly. He was kept by his previous owner in a flat for hours, without any space to stretch his legs or toilet. When he was finally allowed to leave the flat, Storm was then repeatedly hit by his owner.

Luckily for Storm, the National RSPCA took his case to court, and he was moved to us for treatment and a second chance at finding a loving home.

We were ready to help him, and it was clear the physical abuse really affected his behaviour. It took a really long time for Storm to learn that he could trust us, and even more time for him to gain trust in the new people and potential adopters that he met.

It was worth every minute! Storm turned out to be a really affectionate boy, with a lot of love to share. His favourite toys were tennis balls and one of the hardest tasks was getting a ball off him and telling him playtime was over! He would run back and forth playing forever if we let him!

Now, we’re so happy to say this loving, fun boy has been rehomed! Storm is much better cared for and is clearly enjoying every day in his new forever home.

We’re here to help animals recover. Can you support our work today?

black dog chewing and playing on a tyre that has been placed upward into the ground as part of a tyre play area black dog in an orange harness sitting in a green field with tongue out looking directly at camera with bridge and blue sky behind

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