a small grey and white dog stands on a sandy surface looking up at the camera. Their fur is healthy and the wind is blowing their ears back. The dog is missing a left eye but this is well healed.

Daisy recovers after eye operation

Daisy is one of the sorriest cases at our shelter. With love, TLC, and some really important vet treatment (including ...
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tortoiseshell cat crouched on a white fluffy cat tree platform

Finally rehomed after 700 days in care

Millie arrived in 2019 and has finally been adopted, after 760 days of being in care! Millie was rescued, thin ...
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cartoon of green hills and blue sky with a yellow dog on the right, pink rabbit and ginger cat on the left. Text in a central rosette reads Home Pet Show Local Heats Are Now Open

Family Fun with the Home Pet Show!

Have you got a pet who was made for the spotlight? Then look no further because the Nationwide RSPCA Home ...
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Over 300 days in care later, Storm and Hera are finally adopted

Storm and Hera arrived in March 2020. These beautiful Cane Corsos were thin, poorly, and without a day of fun ...
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Join in a family craft morning this Easter!

Join in the stay-at-home family craft fun on Easter Saturday - either live or watch the recordings later! This is ...
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National Pet Month Streaming Challenge – local streamers take on fundraisers!

Gaming, just chatting, workshops... whatever kind of content you could stream, take on a marathon challenge for cats and dogs ...
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white cat with pink ears looking at the camera, sitting on a pink blanket with a black pawprint pattern. Behind her is a grey wall.

Dixie is adopted after seventy days in care

After troubles with her teeth and eyes, Dixie has been adopted by her forever family and is settling in well ...
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Stitch is hoping for his forever home

Stitch has been waiting since June for his forever home and is hoping to find his perfect match! This dapper ...
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