A Happy Ending for Eric


Eric came to our branch earlier this year. He had mange, dermatitis, an ear infection, sore eyes, alopecia and his skin was in very poor condition. He had so many issues caused by his owners neglect. He must have felt extreme discomfort and pain with his condition but he remained a friendly lad.

Our team spent a great deal of time caring for Eric with daily eye baths, ear cleaning and treatment, tablets, daily cleaning in between his skin rolls and weekly baths. He very quickly became a favourite with many staff and volunteers due to his huge character. You can’t help but smile in Eric’s company!

With the right care, Eric’s fur began to grow back and we were able to start to look to find him a special home. Eric will have ongoing medical bills and so we really needed someone who was happy to take on all his needs.


Thankfully, we found a lovely couple very quickly and Eric moved in with his new mum and dad in July. Needless to say all the staff and volunteers miss him lots but it’s lovely to see him doing so well in his new life!

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